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COSTUCOAST has been supplying Internationally and domestically with quality products at a fair market price. Whether you are in the need of Dry Foods, Eggs, and Nuts or Minerals products, our team of devoted hard-working employees will have them delivered to you in no time. Click to learn more about our great services.

Our Products

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Tropical Fruits
Beans & Nuts
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Shipping Worldwide

We are happy to serve you wherever you are.

Our products come from the Philippines and delivered to our customers via air and sea with the best choice of shipping companies to ensure quality service delivery with fair costs. 

You always can work with your own choices of shipping companies, and if you want us to take care of the shipping, we will be more than happy to satisfy our customers.

Personal Customization

Costucoast understands customer's needs and we are more than happy to satisfy your special packaging. From making an inquiry to choosing the right packaging, labels, sizes, and quality of materials so you will receive your desired product.

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